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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is an IP Address?
  2. An IP address is what identifies each device on the Internet. Each public IP address is unique on the Internet. Most homes, and corporations have LANS (Local Area Networks) that assigns their internal computers with a private address, but all share one public IP address. Since a public IP identifies you on the Internet, having your IP a hacker could potentially breach your security and get into your computer. However, someone knowing your IP address does not mean they can find where you live.

  3. What is a hostname?
  4. A hostname, like an IP address, identifies a computer on a network or on the Internet, however instead of it being in the form of numerical numbers, it is in the form of

  5. What does it mean that my IP is blacklisted?
  6. If your IP address is listed in one ore more of the anti-spam databases (DNSBL), it indicates that at one point, your IP address was flagged for some reason and added to their databases. Having your IP listed in an DNSBL database can result in being denied access to websites that checks access to their website against the popular DNSBL databases. To remove your IP address from a DNSBL database, you must contact the organization that oversees the specific DNSBL. We do not have any control over the databases, and cannot remove them.

  7. Is my information safe with you?
  8. We do not record or log any of your information that our server log analysis programs already record. The information we collect from you is only used to get an idea of how many visitors we receive per day/week/month/year, how often you visit our website, and how long you stay on our website. We do not sell any information. When you enter your e-mail address on our website, that information is discarded after it is used for its intended purposes.

  9. Is your port scanner safe to use?
  10. Our port scanner is 100% safe. Our port scanner simply takes your IP, and attempts to make a connection with the ports that have been specified. If we are able to make a connection, we drop the connection and mark that port as opened. If we are unable to make a connection to a specific port, we port back that is it closed. We do not record/log this information in any way. It is discarded once you change the page. Please be careful using our port scanner. Some corporate networks, including public networks, University/College networks, and Internet Service Providers, may falsely mark our website as an attempt to hack their network if you perform port scans on your IP numerous times in a short period of time.

  11. How can I change my IP address?
  12. The ability to change your public IP address is based on the your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you have a DSL connection, usually you are assigned a dynamic IP address, and will receive a new IP if you disconnect from your DSL Provider and initiate a new connection. However, some DSL Providers provide static IPs (IPs that never change) - if this is the case you would need to consult your ISP. For cable users, you need to turn off your cable modem for anywhere from 5- 10 minutes, and even change your router/computer's MAC ID number.