Port Scanner

Our online port scanner utility will scan your IP address to determine if the specified ports below are open or not. This is helpful if you are trying to troubleshoot conenctivity issues, such as if you are unable to externally access a webserver (port 80) on your network.

We have listed the most commonly used ports. You are welcomed to edit the list before scanning. Separate ports by a comma.

  What is a Port Scanner?

A port scanner is a utility (either online or software) that will scan ports to determine if they are open. Port scanners work by sending network requests to a range of ports on a target device or network, and then analyzing the responses to determine which ports are open and which are closed. This information can be useful for network administrators to identify potential security vulnerabilities, monitor network activity, or troubleshoot network issues.

  What are ports?

In computer networking, a port is a virtual endpoint that allows different services or applications to communicate with each other over a network. Ports are identified by numbers, known as port numbers, which range from 0 to 65535. Overall, ports are fundamental to the functioning of networked systems, enabling communication between different applications and services across the internet or within a local network.