What is a speedtest?

A speedtest measures the speed between your device and a test server using your internet connection. The speedtest will measure the download speed (the speed in which it takes your device to download a file) and the upload speed (the speed it takes your device to send a file). Different devices, such as a laptop or smartphone, will result in different speedtests. This means you might get one Speedtest result on one device and a different result on another, even using the same provider. Some devices may not be able to measure the full speed of your internet service. It’s also possible that your Wi-Fi router doesn’t support the full speed of your service. Speedtest servers may perform differently. Generally, you will get faster speeds from servers closer to you. We recommend testing to a variety of test servers to get the most complete picture of your speed. Speedtest has the world’s largest testing server network, which means you will always have the benefit of testing to a server near your geographic location.